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Pressigny             Deux Sevres            Local Villages            Waterways


Reawaken the explorer within, cycle beside lazy rivers or let a canoe carry you along quiet canals. Follow the miller and discover a watermill. Wander the 320 kilometres of labyrinthine paths without fear of getting lost. Spot rare birds on marshlands or try water skiing on local lakes. Float undisturbed, bathed in dappled light while you listen to the splash of leaping fish.


Breathe, and let yourself be carried away. Enjoy a donkey ride on sheltered paths

Take a boat from marshlands to coastal waters. Discover the charms of Coulon, the Little Town of Character at the heart of Marais Poitevin regional nature park. Visit Du Coq a l’Ane for a donkey ride. Delight in beautiful flora only found on these marshlands.

Get active! Take part, have fun

Swing a golf club. Glide across a lake on a dingy or take a canoe downriver. Try windsurfing at La Rochelle or catch a fish for your dinner. Ride across an open field or through shaded woodland. Take a horse-drawn caravan to explore the nature park.

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