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Pressigny             Deux Sevres            Local Villages            Waterways

Local Villages

Wander Parthenay’s historic mediaeval quarters or attend one of their many festivals throughout the year. Enjoy a fete in the summer at St Loup or purchase a fishing permit to catch dinner in the River Thouet. Visit Airvault’s stunning cathedral or find a bargain at their ancient covered small market on a Saturday. Discover Moncontour, a village hidden amidst a sea of sunflower and melon fields. Watch the highland games world championships at Bressuire in August, or attend their historic automobile grand prix in June.

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Dining out, stocking up and spotting bargains

Enjoy a coffee and pastry in Thenezay, just 7 kilometres from Pressigny. Find a bargain and browse unusual items at Thouars’ local market on a Friday. Send your postcards from Gourgé and dine out in the evening. Head to Parthenay for local delicacies, fresh produce from the supermarket or browse seller’s wares at their Wednesday morning market.

Explore France’s beautiful green city Niort, hire a kayak, get lost in the crowd at Poitiers

Find a bargain at Niort large covered market on Thursday through to Sunday. Hire a kayak in Niort to explore France’s riverside towns in the summertime. Visit the gorgeous cathedrals of Poitiers, enjoy the bustling squares and mediaeval architecture, eat delicious food at the wonderful choice of bars, restaurants, and cafes.

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