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Try a new activity; water skiing, canoeing, fishing and riding. Indulge your taste buds at local food and wine festivals. Discover a bargain at Vide Grenniers and Brocantes. Explore Parthenay’s mediaeval quarter.  Take a boat trip along Le Marais Poitevin’s waterways.

Deux-Sevres Diary

A daily diary of Events in

Deux Sevres 2020


A personal guide. The most beautiful places. Exclusive restaurants and sublime food. Sit back with your very own English and French speaking guide. 


Farmers markets, beautiful boulangeries, divine deli’s, cool caves - from wine to fish, the region has a wonderful selection of great food. And if your fancy is French fashion, we can point you to some of France’s coolest boutiques.

Rural Walks

Amble along dappled country lanes, walk aside a lazy river, discover a field of poppies or sunflowers.

Food & Drink

Taste local wines, delight your taste buds with new flavours, and learn to cook a uniquely French recipe.

Family Adventures

See lions in a Roman ampitheatre, take a peek into the future, delve into deep caves or visit the zoo.


Riverside retreats, scented sanctuaries and verdant vegetable patches rooted in history. Wander down a pretty path to discover the wonders of these French gardens.


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The Priory, Place de l'Eglise, Pressigny, 

Deux-Sevres, 79390, France

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