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Seasonal scents, riotous colour and fabulous features. These French gardens are the perfect escape from fast-paced modern living.


Enjoy a perfect picnic. Marvel at rare plants. Revel in vibrantly coloured gardens

The beautiful Jardins de Gué is a short drive from Pressigny near the village of Gourgé. Planted on the banks of the River Thouet by Bernard and Marie-Luce, the seven themed gardens have won many prestigious awards. Wander on your own, take a picnic or book a guided tour, to delight your senses. A small entrance fee is charged and the gardens are open 7-days a week between April  1st to October 31st.

Step into another world. Stroll along a path in moonlight. Be amazed by beautiful bonsais

Just an hour’s drive from Pressigny is Europe’s largest Japanese garden, Parc Oriental. Open throughout the day and into the late evening, visitors can opt for free access and wander through the architectural beauty and botanical wonders, or book a guided tour. Be enchanted by the cherry blossom in spring, or astonished at the wonderful autumnal hues. The calm serenity of this garden is something to behold.


Step back to a simpler time. Explore historic gardens. Discover new scents and ancient plants.

Accessed by a small drawbridge that crosses a deep moat, the gardens of Chateau de la Guyonniére were designed by Alain Richet in true medieval style. The island garden is divided into nine distinct areas, each devoted to a different gastronomic or botanic theme. Fruits, flowers, soups, herbs, poison plants, honey plants and beekeeping, berries, old and botanical roses and fruit-bearing trees. Just a half-hour drive from Pressigny and a wonderful way to keep history alive.

Renaissance beauty, boxwood balls and seventeenth-century decorative features.

A private garden opened to the public just a few months of each year, Parc de la Sayette is less than an hour’s drive from Pressigny. Dotted with decorative features, including two sundials and numerous remarkable and rare trees, the gardens were completely rehabilitated in 1999 after extensive damage. The bower, useful garden with espalier trees and bowling green cover 3 hectares, every inch beautifully cared for.


Fern gardens, rose-lined pathways and themed gardens designed to delight the senses.

Found in the city centre of Thouars, Parc Imbert was gifted to the town in 1946 by the family of the same name. Full of atypical plants, beautiful themed gardens such as the grey garden, and enormous collections of hydrangeas and conifers, this central oasis is perfectly positioned for a day out that takes in the beauty of the gardens and some French antique hunting at the nearby Emmaus.

A true medieval paradise meticulously planned from monastic documents.

Tusson’s Medieval monastery garden was shaped from 12th and 15th-century documents to create the historically correct green paradise. Roughly an hour and a half from Pressigny, this garden is divided into several green spaces – from scented flower beds to an orchard and vegetable patch devoted to common foods from the 9th century. Dotted with religious forms, figures, and materials, this garden will delight those with an interest in historic horticulture.


Gorgeous groves of trees, exquisite botanic collections and awe-inspiring cinematic views.

More than 1,000 different trees and shrubs are planted along the 7km arboretum Path of Discovery. Nine botanical collections - birch, hornbeam, ash, currant, chestnut, hackberry, willow, mountain ash and linden, have been approved by the Conservatoire des Collections Végétales Spécialisées (CCVS). The path is free to visit year-round and just over an hour away from Pressigny.

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