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Food & Drink

Sip reds, whites and rosés. Dine on fresh shellfish. Sample the area’s finest Angelica liquor or sorbet.


Uniquely Foody

Discover new flavours and learn new recipes. Try the favoured local delicacy of fresh oysters in a shallot and red wine vinaigrette. Scour the markets of Noirt and Fontenay le Comte for tantalizing fresh seafood. Enjoy locally produced wines in red, white and rosé.

Indulge in delicious cheeses, bite into crisp apples and juicy pears, and devour a mediaeval feast in Parthenay.

Cook up a three course feast of local delights – Farci Poitevin, followed by Mojettes and finished with a delectable cheese tart, Tarte du Fromage Blanc de Chevre – that displays the flavours and aromas of the region. Enjoy a fresh salad accented with the local black-crusted goat’s cheese. Dine out at Aut’ Fouee in Parthenay’s Mediaeval Quarter for excellent food in a unique setting.


Beautiful bubbles, rich reds, refreshing whites and lively rosés – take a tour, sample the wares and purchase some delicious treats for your French holiday.

Home of the famous Sancerre and Pouilly wines, the Loire region stretches from the Deux-Sevres to the Atlantic coast. Bouvet Ladubay tempts locals and visitors with bike tours of their 8 km cellars. Try their fine sparkling wines – the winery has received over 500 awards. Taste the fresh tasting organic blanc wines of Chateau des Vaults after attending a concert, literature evening or sculpture exhibition. Let the rich fruity reds of Pierre & Bertrand Couly roll over your tongue after exploring with Bertrand Couly himself!

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