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A personal guide. The most beautiful places. Exclusive restaurants and sublime food. Sit back with your very own English and French speaking guide. Dine in a small and intimate restaurant on sublime dishes. View the city of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Wander through the Louvre and appreciate classic works of art up close. Watch the reconstruction work of Notre Dame. Shop in exclusive stores and indulge in the latest French fashions.

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Discover French Culture 

 Arrive from Paris and relax with a drink while dinner is cooked just for you. Dine on local French delicacies. Join in a traditional truffle hunt with a specially trained dog. Enjoy fresh truffles, cooked especially for you. Spend a day at Puy du Foy watching spectacular shows and enjoying the mediaeval architecture.

Flavours of the Loire Valley

Visit the Loire Valley for a wine tour. Learn about the history of wine making and enjoy little known wines from exclusive cellars. Enjoy a delicious lunch with wines chosen for each course. Visit Tours for a unique shopping experience.


Immerse yourself in the history of mediaeval France

Wander through mediaeval streets. Have lunch cooked in a mediaeval oven. Float along the canals of Green Venice. Dine on local flavours and try home-grown specialties. Explore the waterways of Marais Poitevin. Travel on a barque across ancient waterways created by monks. Spot rare birds and other wildlife from the area. Let your guide convey the importance of this unique location.

Explore local markets.

Visit a real French market. Peruse the specialties on offer. Select the most succulent seafood. Have your hostess create a sumptuous dish from your selection. Wander through the streets of La Rochelle. Choose fish from a local market and bring it to a restaurant where the chef will create a unique dish to serve to you.

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