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Arrive to a chilled flute of bubbles. Relax with a rich, luxurious red, aerated to perfection, just for your arrival. Enjoy a dry white or rosé as you acclimatise to the stress-free pace of rural southwest France. We’re delighted to offer our guests the opportunity to pre-order red, white, rosé and sparkling wines produced by Francois Gigon, a fourth-generation vintner, in the nearby village of Oiron. This fine wine selection comes from a local vintner just half an hour from The Priory’s doorstep!


Gigon wines

Gigon wines are produced from grapes grown on their seven-hectare property and left to mature in barrels stored at perfect temperatures in a cellar beneath the family residence. Visits to the cellars and tours covering the wine-making process are available by appointment. Join the head vintner, Francois Gigon, for an unforgettable wine tasting experience!

Preorder Now!

The list below details the wines available. Please complete the form if you would like to pre-order wines for your stay with us at The Priory. If you’d like to book a tour of the vineyards and cellar, please contact Paula to arrange this on your behalf.

Sparkling, Dry, and Semi-dry whites

Method Traditionelle blanc and rose (Brutus and demi-sec) €6.90 and €7.80

Blanc-Sec (cepage Chenin)  €4.80 bottle: 10-litre bib  €35

Blanc Demi-Sec (cepage Chenin) €5.20 bottle: 10-litre bib €37

Chardonnay  €5.80 bottle


Rosé sec (cepage cabernet franc) €4.90 bottle  : 10 litre bib €36


Gamay  €4.80 bottle: 10-litre bib  €35

Rouge 'Breton' €5.10 bottle: 10-litre bib  €37

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